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Protein Industries Canada: A New Venture in Canadian Agriculture

Canadian agriculture is known for its diversity, yet shares a common theme of technological innovation across all sectors.  It is the commitment to advancement through research and investment which has allowed the industry to gain a worldwide reputation for excellence. As global demand for food increases, further resources will be required to meet the challenges of an exponentially growing population expected to hit 9.8 billion by 2050, according to the United Nations. On February 15, 2018, the Canadian government unveiled $950 million in funding for its Innovation Superclusters Initiative with the intention of promoting economic growth and employment opportunities throughout the country. One of the groups chosen to receive funding is Protein Industries Canada (PIC), a consortium of over 120 western-Canadian based organizations, with both direct and indirect involvement in… Read More »

Vaderstad Industries Trade Show Month Debrief

Even with the cold weather sweeping across the Canadian prairies, January was a hotbed of activity for agriculture companies as industry trade shows were held in various locations during the month.  Vaderstad Industries takes great pride in the opportunity to meet with growers, industry stakeholders, media and the… Read More »

Seed Hawk Technology and Soybeans

Seed Hawk technology is known for its performance in a wide variety of climate conditions with many different crops. One such crop that has been gaining popularity across the plains is soybeans. It wasn’t too long ago that the prospect of planting soybeans in colder regions was thought of as a substantial… Read More »

Grain Grading and Emergence

When discussing the idea of drill performance, as it pertains to crop quality, field inspection over the course of the growing season is typically how this is achieved. The grain that is harvested at the end of the year provides a more accurate representation as it is the final finished product that enters the… Read More »
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