Seed Hawk

SCT Savings Simulator

Seed Hawk has worked in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan's Computer Science Department to develop the SCT Savings Simulator™. The new SCT Savings Simulator is a "self-serve" virtual seeding system that allows you to choose a quarter or section of your own land and customize your inputs. The simulator "seeds" the land of your choice using Sectional Control™ technology and calculates the potential savings.

Click the laptop to see the savings on your land

  SCT Savings Simulator laptop


You can also see the SCT Savings Simulator in action by visiting your local dealer or the Seed Hawk booth at major tradeshows.


"The past spring, we had a lot of sloughs and estimate we had 10 to 12 percent savings with the SCT. I would recommend it. The savings are there from SCT."

Micheal Gross, Riverbend Farms near Saskatoon, SK