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Is Soil Tillage Ever Justifiable? No-Till Bill Checks In!

Hi, I'm Bill Crabtree, consultant, farmer and no-till champion! “I hear that Western Australia (WA) has gone back to the plough” is the headline! This media spin title is perennial since no-till use exploded in WA in the late 1990’s. The same one-liner is now being used in other states, who 10 years later also adopted no-till. Ploughing has been an important tool in Australian agriculture and likely will remain so forever! The no-till movement in WA has always promoted tillage – I say this as the first 10-year newsletter editor. This may seem strange to other no-till enthusiasts in other parts of the world. So let me explain! More than 95% of WA, and perhaps now 90% of most other regions, is no-till cropped every year. Farmers observe that the longer they no-till the better their soils become, even after 30 years the soil… Read More »
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We’re Starting “From the Ground UP”

Greetings no-till advocates and readers new and old! This blog is to inform you of some exciting changes that we’ve made to how you access our content. NO-TILLville has enjoyed some great successes and participation since its humble beginnings in 2013. I have loved sharing my experiences with my… Read More »
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