An Evolutionary
Farm Equipment

Seed Hawk and Väderstad are leading global agricultural equipment manufacturers. As partners, our mission is to evolve farming further through the creation of ingenious seeding, planting and tillage equipment. Our team is fueled by an aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong drive to create innovative farming tools that improve grower profit.

Seed Hawk and Väderstad are focused on fast, creative farming, relentless research, and the evolution of our equipment in a way that respects each customer’s need for greater efficiency.

The grower’s business is our business.

  • 17 dealers representing 78 locations in Canada, the U.S., and Australia

  • 2,200+ machines in the field

  • 25 dedicated R & D team members

  • 22,000 square feet of research and testing facilities

  • 75,000+ square feet of manufacturing space

  • 205+ employees

  • 1250+ employees across the globe

  • 16 global entities

  • Combined sales of $377 million

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